Namaskar and welcome to my channel. I am Ritika, by profession I am a full time economics bureaucrat ( Indian Economic Service) with the Indian Government but by passion I am a cook and a Baker-a self taught one!

I am a mother to a beautiful inspiring daughter and wife of an Indian Bureaucrat. Due to our jobs, we are placed away from our native homes. So the carving for the home cooked food led me into cooking . Also, post delivery of my baby, i became very interested into cooking with healthy ingredients. I use whole wheat flour (the regular aata ) a lot. Also i love to add millets like jowar/ sorghum, ragi/foxtail millet , other millets like little millet, kodo millet to my recipes to make it a healthier treat. I like to replace regular white sugar with jaggery powder, brown sugar and mishri/ rock sugar as much as possible without compromising the texture and taste of the final  good.

Since i am working in small cities or towns i use the ingredients that can either be made at home from the scratch or are easily available in the market. When it comes to buying from the market i am against all processed foods and the fancy expensive stuff. I believe in sustainable living and like to use ingredients that are more native to us hence more easily available.

Here i am sharing my successful trials of healthy and wholesome recipes with the easily available ingredients at home.

I hope you give the recipes a try and write in to me for your feedback. Thanks for coming by. Have a blessed day!